Tim Xavier
Arco-della Devozione

By taking one idea and running with it Tim Xavier coolly produces another winning formula with looped bells and tripped out voices working their way neatly into oblivion. If you like the sound of that then there’s almost eight minutes worth of these classic vocals and infectious rhythms to contend with on the Main Prime Time Mix. While the Paint The Sky Dub further expands the possibilities with even more delay and reverberation feeling ever more lush and exciting, leaving the actual Dub version to pin it all down with those bells and bliss again.

release: July 30


Room Service
Love Fever Records

Second release for Love Fever combines insistent beats and undulating techno stabs to devastating effect, with looped vocals adding a haunting melody to Room Service. Undoubtedly instantly appealing this sounds just perfect the dancefloor.  Jimmy Edgar then joins forces on Deeper Touch with a succession of space-aged electronics and trademark House keys sounding vital all over again. You Give Me That Something ends with smoky, soulful vocals intoning the title alongside deep pads while making its point loud and clear.

release: July 30


Layo & Bushwacka!
Dancing in the Dark (remixes)

A taste of what’s in store from their forthcoming autumn album: Rising & Falling sees the release of two remixes but not the original of Dancing In The Dark – although these will certainly do for now. The Guy Gerber & DJ Tennis Remix, as you would expect, twists it all over stunning synthesisers, which alongside the breathy vocals sound hypnotic yet tastefully funky against the bassline. Audiofly deliver irresistibility moody beats and superbly warped bass, while the addictive spoken vocal receives an eerie treatment that really does get under your skin. Either way, this is rather excellent.

release: July 30


Festival Of Bossa Nova
Cherry Red Records

Sometimes it’s a case of: right time, right place. Sometimes the music simply fits the occasion. But while I don’t profess to know much about Bossa Nova, judging from this selection of thirty two recordings from the late fifties to the very beginning of the 1960’s I really should do. Thankfully then the sleeve notes go a long way to rebalance that, while the music remains sharp throughout with nothing lasting much longer than two minutes and counting. Described as ‘Revolution with beauty’ Joao Gilberto’s vocals simmer on numbers such as ‘Corcovado’  while guitars blaze on others like Samba de nos dois, moving between the dancefloor and harmony for your heartstrings. Despite the confines of being labelled the genre captures a wide range of sights and sounds, and you would be doing yourself a possible disservice by not trying this out.

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