Dance Spirit
Future Romance EP

SFD006_1500x1500It’s excellent that there are so many great Dance tracks being released right now and this EP’s title track is so clearly one of them. Future Romance loops addictive cosmic synths and then intensifies the experience with swirling, haunting fx and breathy voices. A first rate production by anyone’s standard this creatively fuses mind and body with its driving rhythms and seductive arrangement, which hint at the past while remaining firmly fixated on the future. Shake It, then picks up the pace with exhilarating bass and keys, while Time Seclusion again plays with moods and a dark selection of synthesizers. Meanwhile, the exceptional Voices in My Head finishes on another stimulating array of notes that never fails but capture your attention by twisting the drums in all sorts of unexpected directions.

release: August 19

Cloud City EP
FINA Records

FINA013BImpressive debut from Berlin’s Powel aka Paul Christie who produces four new captivating tracks for your pleasure. The striking Cloud City opens proceedings with pulsating drums and soundscapes that nod towards the cinematic with ambient induced sounds floating across the beats. Falling In A Black Hole, as the title suggests, gets heavier with dark bass contrasting with quietly uplifting keys, while I’m Talking Quietly sets slow burning Disco drums against yet more generously inspired sounds. Getting Out completes the EP via gentle, enticing melodies and a funky, Balearic feel that sounds just about right for August.

release: September 9

Mister T/ Jean Honeymoon
The Secret

Mister_T_Jean_Honeymoon_-_The_Secret_-_Chinchin_GermanyThe Secret sounds like something that we don’t get to hear enough of these days, but none the less a style which is always present – and for good reason. This Latin inspired shuffler instantly spells good times with its smoky vocal delivery from Jean Honeymoon perfectly pitched over shimmering keys, sassy percussion and hot horns. Fitting the bill on so many different levels – you even get a jazzy guitar solo too! – this is all too easy to soak this up in the sunshine. The Club Des Belugas Remix gives it a 60’s sheen with cooler bass and strings offset by a raspy Flute. Leaving remaining tracks With You and The Things You Do keeping it jazzy with the latters Blue Note inspired tones sounding inescapably fresh.


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