Sara Oswald & Feldermelder – Hidden in Kaoris Castle -OUS

(Graphic design by Sarah Parsons)

I don’t really know where to begin. It’s more often than not with a particular sound, or atmosphere, or even melody. But feeling slightly stuck it is perhaps best to let go of convention and soak up the free flow of information. That impending sense of distraction is always present as this collaboration between cellist Sara Oswald, alongside the hot-wired electronic improvisation of Feldermelder, is a necessary reflection of the uncertain times we find ourselves in.

Hidden in Kaoris Castle is their debut album and was commissioned by the Cantonal University Library of Fribourg, recorded live at Belluard Festival in Fribourg, Switzerland. I guess depending on your sense of self you will either find this unnerving or re-assuring, or maybe both at the same time. However, once you dig below the surface qualities reveal themselves, fracturing in ways not obvious at first, and yet subtleties are found. These improvisations crystallise as moments in time, dissipate and then transport you somewhere else. Like ripped pages, beauty escapes from the cracks in-between the grainy resolution, distilling base emotional content.

At certain times the music pulses via an identifiable structure such as the repeating rhythms of Front Door Gator Encounters, while at others that is not necessarily so. Try the low-end theory generated by Folding Deltas and its assortment of crazed ambience cumulating in an unsuspecting sense of blissful relief. Plus the concluding warmth of Red And Yellow Prisms as positive charges are laid bare. Hidden, will always capture and hold your attention.


Release: March 27

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