Silent-One – Lost Souls EP – Intimate Silence

Silent-One aka Benedikt Merkl started transmitting ambient shapes back in 2016 via his label Intimate Silence. And today the dark, crumpled shapes are even more demanding of your time. Human Border, begins as heavy sounds unfold across the stereo teasing out uncompromising yet resolutely rewarding emotions which build upon a sense of trepidation. Although light relief comes in the form of strummed, guitar like notes offsetting the terse intensity. The, just as imposing, Decide Your Fate follows serving up ideas with a breadth of scope, determinedly asserting their authority. While the tingling anxious, grittiness of Sign of Anxiety again feeds the imagination with highly charged expectations as rolling, clipped arpeggios ignite the mind. Saving the title track to last, Lost Souls opens up to a more positive future, though melancholy is never far from sight, with voices suggesting and tantalising – even though I have no idea what they are saying to me. The music typically haunts the background, coming and going as pads and loops of sound expand and then dissolve into oblivion.

Release: February 12

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