Yadava – Velvet House On Sackville Street – Ad Hoc Records

Now appearing digitally after last year’s vinyl release the EP has the added bonus of a rather beautiful Hermanito remix of one of the key tracks: Heart Strings. I used to live at the central Manchester location back in the early to mid-nineties and thoughts of sunshine streaming through the balcony window is a warm reminder of bygone times. This remix touches upon those sentiments as shuffling drum breaks, amid a heady swirl of keys, plus all sorted funkiness in the form of smooth percussion and bass sequence a taste of summer bliss. Feeling more relaxed and spacious than the original let’s hope you can enjoy this outside sooner rather than later…

Release: March 27



Hermanito – Romance – Ad Hoc Records

Hermanito’s heavy brew of curious samples, jazzy inflections and tough, shuffling beats all go to make up a vital, tantalising listen. The undulating layers of bluesy sound build around pulsating drums as evocative instrumentation lifts and falls on the opening Caliente. Next the blissful, Romance feels warmer on reflection as deeper echoes of melancholy traverse this beautiful arrangement, and is complimented by a remix from Joaquín Cornejo. Further originals are the breezy West Coast styled harmonies of Zod, plus the equally chilled, sumptuous piano of Dawn Breaks which compose the listener’s faith in musical experience all over again.

Release: October 25



Ad Hoc Presents: Volume 2 – Ad Hoc Records

Manchester’s Ad Hoc Records return to 2018 with a fabulous selection of stunning tracks emphasising the word music. Four numbers go make up this new release starting with So Flute’s Yadava beautifully realised Heart Strings, which harks back to the very definition of Jazz-Funk feeling timeless as breezy rushes of atmospheric strings accompanied by sprinkles of piano ignite the airways. Next, Two Tail & Sid Quirk’s at times defiantly off-kilter yet resolutely brilliant Tid stretches out electric piano into exciting ways. Two Tail then proceeds to hit you square four on the floor fashion with Cat Mask also boasting a brash bassline and excitable jazzy keys, leaving the brighter Cut A Rug by RareBiT to complete this excellent release via more House beats, this time alongside introspective voices and splashes of smoky trumpet.

Release: February 19