Holy Hive – Float Back To You – Big Crown Records

The first word that came to mind when listening to the opening number, Broom was coincidently, swoon. Funny as I’m not always a fan of falsetto but in this case, aided by the sumptuous instrumentation, it’s all too tempting not to love wholeheartedly. The album continues apace with more of that easy-swing informing the music as carefree melodies and atmospheres drift across the horizon of genuinely, soulfully rich songs. A blessing in days when such things don’t always ring true. However, there’s just something about this album. You can hear the echoes of their influences traversing throughout and yet there is also a compelling sense of hearts on sleeves amid the very personal nature of the music which cuts through time, as all worthwhile things should do. Try, Oh I Miss Her So below plus the aforementioned class of Broom to soak up exactly what I mean…

Release: May 29

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Lee Fields & The Expressions – It Rains Love – Big Crown Records

Sometimes music is so joyous you just can’t ignore it. Lee Fields sings his heart out with a passion reserved only for a chosen few and aged 68 that blows most others out of the water. This song of yearning will strike a chord with anyone and everyone on the planet, comes punctuated by rolling rhythms, chiming guitar licks and cool, smoked Trumpet blasts. Perfect. It Rains Love, is the single from a forthcoming and no doubt explosively charged album of the same name. Produced by Leon Michels (Lana Del Rey, Adele, Beyoncé & Jay Z) the music resounds with a crunchy, analogue atmosphere that positively smoulders with a lost sense of Soul. Watch, look and listen below.