Tobias Thomas – Connecting The Dots – Kompakt

Beginning with Marcus Schmickler’s unearthly Particle/Matter is sure-fire way of grabbing attention, sonic or otherwise. Tobias Thomas’s mix then proceeds to contact and connect all in its path as sounds from the future, occasional the past, are transporting into an emotionally changed journey into sight, tone and timbre. Have to say that the feeling compacted into the opening numbers is sheer and forceful touching the human senses in mind expanding ways, as the playlist unfolds so does the introduction of melody alongside drums plus a wealth of imagination.  The list (selected from the labels back catalogue) takes in everyone from DJ Koze to DJ Tennis at over almost two hours’ worth of time, although it’s the overall mood created across its entirety which pays testament the innate strength and ability of both the DJ and accompanying music.

Release: April 14. Download via Kompakt Online Store
May 14. Streaming/ DSP, Bandcamp


Mr. Tophat – Time Lapse – Life and Death

This highly notable track made its first appearance on last year’s Dusk to Dawn and now gets thoroughly revitalised by DJ Tennis. But back to the original which remains tantalisingly exciting via its rolling Acid lines plus pounding drums, which reach out for dramatic conclusions over the course of twelve minutes of trepidation (below). The complimentary remix is defiantly disco, happily in the European sense, sizzling with sleazy tension as the syncopated bassline and dreamy vocals work their explosive magic in truly excellent fashion. It is called the DJ Tennis Disko Bang Club Mix after all…

Release: February 28

My Favorite Robot – Barricade (DJ Tennis Remix) – My Favorite Robot Records

An outstanding remix in anyone’s book. DJ Tennis takes a leaf out of his own rules and rips it apart to reveal a production that verges on subtlety, yet hits hard with all the force of nature Barricade requires. Originally appearing in its own right back in 2012 this new reworking sees tough kicks battle against the righteously intense vocal that never lets emotions dip. Keys are then added which cement the darker, gothic elements into one as guitar like motifs and grainy sounds effectively render this a standalone piece of music. Due out on 10” vinyl then followed digitally.

Release: September 9




mememe01_artworkMan Power
Me Me Me

Sounding the perfect, resonate note for today’s population Man Power reflects his own taste onto the launch of his brand new label with this debut and self-penned release. Me Me Me, sensibly defies convention with a tale of light, dark and indeed some shade by blending neatly together warm synthesized elements and crisp robotic drums, along with the occasional nod to the classic German electronics of the seventies. DJ Tennis provides a suitably riveting remix care off chiming ambience, weird sampled voices plus probing keyboards. Either way, what more could ask for of a record label in 2016.