Severino (Horse Meat Disco) Q&A

Welcome to Magazine Sixty Severino. Can you begin by telling us about how and where you first got into Dance music and about which DJ’s you initially admired?

I was very young (7) when discovering my sisters records got into them
Love the vinyl’s and playing them for their house parties
An Italian DJ called Moreno was a huge inspiration
With of course Baldelli etc.. it was 1982 when I discovered them
I was 12 years old

Your new single: Smoking featuring Princess Magnifique is out on Classic Music Company. How did you meet the labels’ founder Luke Solomon, and come in contact with New York’s Princess Magnifique?

When I used to buy promos from Ideal distribution for an Italian shop called Disco Inn I met Jonny Rokk and Classic people
Used to love Luke and Kenny sets at Bar Rhumba on wed and Plastic People fridays with Rob Mello too
Princess Magnifique thru friends in NY
He was dancing at DJ SPUN party where i played few years ago

Where did the idea come from for the track and can you talk us through how you produced it (including any favourite pieces of software/ hardware you like to use)?

I made at Andy (Yam Who)studio
Know him for long time
Little tiny sample idea in there
But just inspiration
Then Luke help to adjust few parts

Horse Meat Disco must been one of the UK’s longest running nights. What do you put its success down to?

We still having fun
Make people happy and dance and kids to discovered disco
They are our fav when we DJ
Students full of energy

How would you describe the current state of House Music in 2017? Do you feel too much of the music is looking back to using older sounds and ideas, or does the passage of time not diminish its impact?

Its pretty cool the way the used old ideas but i love also new different kind of music ..not only House
Theres lots of talents out there
Maybe at the mo too many average labels putting out too much music

What are your plans for the year in terms of production and remixing?

Few remixing for sure and def need more music
But same time busy DJ’ing and travels
Not easy
But its all good

As a London resident since 1997 how would you say the Capital’s nightlife has changed over the years to where it is now? Do you think there will come a time when the internet takes over and there will be less need for nightclubs to meet people and hear music in?

Well u just say
Need to see in the future
Looks like few kids out there are into but not too much
With moderation
Difficult to say tho

I was wondering how you feel about the strength of song writing in Dance music currently given that previous generations and Disco especially celebrated it so much?

Because it was and still happy and positive
At some point we need that in our life
A bit dark out there sometimes

Who are you favourite singers?

Stevie Wonder
Grace Jones
Patti Smith
Too many

What do you do to relax outside of clubs and the studio?

Catching up with friends
Spare time travelling ..exploring new cities and places

And lastly. Which is your most prized record? (If that’s actually possible to answer!?!)

Mmmm don’t remember actually
I don’t usually check prices..i just enjoy them and to see they still with me after 40 years


John Morales (M+M Mixes) Q&A

johnHow did you first get into remixing and who inspired you to do so?

I got into remixing by the need to want to make the records I loved longer I really didn’t have anyone who inspired me
as there weren’t many people doing it at the time.

Your new compilation: John Morales M+M Mixes Part 3 reads like a who’s who of Dance music. Can you tell us about how you go about compiling the CD’s?

M+M Vol III includes many of my most favorite tunes, it was a process of elimination. From trying to get the recorded sessions from the record companies, mixing them and then getting the mixes approved. But all in all it is filled with some of my all time favorite and hopefully some of yours..

Can you talk us through the process of remixing a track? For example something from the new compilation.

The process for each mix is different for me I usual start with a clean canvas, no presets or templates, I first Focus on the drums and rhythm section, for me it’s very important for the track to really have power, I then work the keyboards, strings or horns and finally but not least I lay the vocals over the top . And tweak it, and tweet it and tweak it. ( lol)

What is your favourite piece of equipment and can you give some background information on your studio?

Don’t know if have a particular favorite. It’s not like it used to be, now days I totally mix in the box or in the computer using Steinberg’s Cubase Digital Workstation which I have used for over 25 years. I occasionally bounce my mix to analogue tape for some warmness.

How do you feel about the quality of song writing today – what importance do you place on vocals in Dance music?

In my opinion I I think that it is sad to say technology has caused music t day to be watered down.  I think vocals are important as they send the message of the song and lyrics.

You inspired you to start Dj’ing, and what for you makes a good DJ?

Now days My inspiration is the desire to continue the legacy of the music I love so much, a good Dj entertains his or her’s audience providing a seamless experience of some of the music they love.

You are currently playing across the globe. Have there been any particular highlights so far?

My highlights are the support and love that the people who have come to some of the gigs have shown to the music I play. It is heartwarming to see that the music I Love has so much support.

morWhat are your plans for the future?

My plans are to continue to spread the word of the music and I thank you for the opportunity to do so.

Hear John Morales next weekend: Sat April 27 at Futura in 2022nq (Manchester)

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Horse Meat Disco: Sun April 28 at The Eagle (London)

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