Ilario Liburni – I Feel Everything – Invade Records

I doubt there could have been a more descriptive title than I Feel Everything as the production soaks up a wealth of information in one sweep. The brutal yet subtle sounds which inform the arrangement seem haunting yet oddly reassuring as whispered voices add a tingle to the spine of deep drums, bass plus the pulse of twisted keys. Either way it is deeply seductive. Two excellent remixes then extend the theme with Melchior Productions’ Rio De Janeiro Mix stripping it all down to essentials opening out space for the drums and more to breathe. Then from Rhadoo who reworks the rhythm section into something else entirely, proving quite remarkable.

Release: May 1

Madrid Inc. – My Sunday’s Love – Invade Records

Been very much looking forward to reviewing this. It races well beyond my usual tempo gauge and I love it all the more for it.  Originally released in the year 2000 My Sunday Love now receives fast and loose treatments care off a host of remixes. By the way the looped insanity of the original still sounds as deliciously vibrant as ever! First up, is label owner Ilario Liburni’s Tarsier version which eases down the pace while adding all sorts of funky, treated mannerisms that both excite and tease out the possibilities still further, retaining and expanding the originals riff. As does Dan Ghenacia & Chris Carrier’s supremely tasty Dub, leaving tINIs seriously excellent Born In The 80ies Reinterpretation to re-imagine the decade via a series of pulsating kicks plus a fiery reworking of the signature keys. And all are Highly Recommended.

Release: June 23