Melchior Productions Ltd – Don Juan (Jus Nowhere’s back 2 Beirut edit) – MY KING IS LIGHT

Another brilliant release this time sees Jus Nowhere’s back 2 Beirut edit of Don Juan ignite the touch paper of riotous imagination, tempting future sounds alongside incendiary rhythms out of the ether and into the present. From the word go its percussion fuelled frenzy grabs your attention amid a swirl of vocal touches, tough bass stabs plus defiant hints of synthesized alchemy. Originally released back in 2007 on Perlon this new digital version feels every bit as urgent nudging notably into 2021.



Mandingo – Universe II – Rekids

The always important Rekids continue with something to say care of this excellent release from Detroit producer Monty Luke aka Mandingo. Let’s start at the start with the Melchior Productions Ltd version which exists in that intriguing hinterland between House and Techno combining informed rhythm, care off some well-timed claps, together with forward-thinking electronics that fuel the experience in addictive ways. Listening to this places you in reassuring territory but with the added advantage that almost anything could happen next. Then there is Larry Heard’s kick-drum pumping, bass line driven, uplifting yet strangely sleazy reworking that incorporates reversed voices with contrasting, brilliantly fizzy synth lines notably. Refreshing.

Release: January 27