Superlounge (Culprit) Q&A

superYour excellent new single Ghost of Time is the Superlounge debut on Culprit. How did the relationship with the label come about?

We have been updating him with new productions from time to time. We are really happy to make it onto the label with this EP. The perfect home for the tracks.

Can you talk us through how you produced one of the tracks on the release?

As we’re normally talking about the A Side, we will take the B Side this time. It’s really basic stripped down track we produced with Ableton and Arturia Software without any special tricks. It’s the voice of Forrest which gives the track a special vibe. We already worked with him in the past and he never disappoints. It’s always a pleasure to work with him.

Both tracks feature vocalists. What importance do you place on vocals in Dance Music compared with its other elements?

We really like to work with vocalists, it makes the music more special and keeps the track more interesting. You can always create a certain vibe by using vocals in electronic music. But it’s not a must for us to have vocals on a track. You can get the same feeling with a good arrangement and sound design without using vocals.

Who would you count as your biggest influences from Dance music and beyond?

Our interest in electronic music started very late and was only about the music itself .There was so much good music out in the late 90’s that we started to collect vinyl. We got more inspired by the whole thing without knowing the people behind it. I remember tapes from DJs like Sasha, John Digweed and Danny Tenaglia who influenced us to start mixing.

How would you describe the electronic music scene in Dusseldorf where you are based, any favourite Clubs etc?

We don’t really have a big scene here, as Düsseldorf isn’t that big. But one club called 102 is doing a great job in bringing international DJs to Düsseldorf. During Summer Loco Dice is hosting a weekly Sunday Open Air Party with the biggest names on the scene. Really worth to check if you are here in summer

Where can people get to hear you play next?

You can hear us play next in cities like Istanbul, The Hague, Timisoara, Cairo, Copenhagen and of course, in Düsseldorf just to name a few.




Single of the Week

C’est Moi
This Song
Dessous Recordings

Alex Niggemann recording undercover as fresh alias C’est Moi hits the spot with this effortless combination of deep bass, shuffling beats and lush Detroit tones. When a song won’t satisfy the age tested addition of timely spoken words always suffices, which in this case adds that authentic human touch to the energised electronics. Dario D’Attis supplies the remix of This Song with rougher drums alongside a simpler arrangement of notes complimenting the voiceover nicely, leaving second track From A Bird’s Eye View to delve deeper with undulating keys and soulful vocals.

Release: February 2

All On Me EP
Motek Music

Oliver Fritsche & Alex Bach aka Superlounge latest release for Motek is a blissful piece of music that no doubt stand the test of time. The words deep and moody apply here with the breathily spoken vocals only adding emotion to the equation; however the music is richly rewarding in its own right complimented by an excellent production of enticing, hypnotic sounds. A set of striking remixes come via Eric Volta’s sizzling electronics, Maher Daniel’s darker interpretation and from Hands Free & Kosmas progressive feeling tones.

Release: February 2

Ultravogue EP

The EP’s title track is a provocative amalgamation of electronic sounds that all at once unnerves your sense of time and space via its clash of striking effects and creative rhythms. Thinking outside of the box results in an irresistible, if unsettling, listen from the producer and that theme is continued through to Pendulum featuring Heral, and again imaginative percussion keeps you guessing alongside an insistent vocal loop plus vibrating synths. Detlef then delivers a rough and tough remix that employs fierce hi-hats against unforgiving, pounding beats and bass for full dancefloor effect. To end the first-rate Metaloop adds a funkier sequence of plucked guitar and abrupt basslines completing the standout track on the EP for me with more a musical flair.

Release: February 2

Trippy Soul
Quanticman Records

Matusoiu Alexandru’s pseudo name gives the game away somewhat with spacey, far reaching rhythms feeling explorative and engaging as on the opening, certainly apt Cinema. The wordplay continues next with Paradox which again develops dark themes across moody electronics, as indeed does the proceeding Shamanism. The rhythmatic, Un Mit ends this captivating set of instrumentals which all succeed in their mission of creating intoxicating atmospheres and as such score high.

Release: January 31

Jacob B
Breslau Cuts
Käse Kool

Brutal House Music, just the way we like it, sees Breslau-based producer Jacob B deliver three equally unrelenting tracks plus a remix from JMF. The self-explanatory ‘The Weapon’ kicks things off via heavy duty beats, cutting techno bass and a rave-era hoover stab that works surprisingly well. The aptly titled From The Underground follows with more harsh drums and staccato organ stabs on JMF’s addictive Fatty Rub, with the original version again hitting you with moody synths and classic House vocals. The Warehouse Stomp finishes with yet more uncompromising kicks alongside ‘muthafucker’ vocals just in case you were left in any doubt!

Release: February 7

Emika Records

Taking a sideway step from Dance music production Emika has thankfully taken the time to share her keyboard skills with us. I say thankfully because this haunting selection of works is rather beautiful, in a melancholy sense, and also goes to prove that people who create Dance tracks can be real artists/ musicians too. The lone piano passages simply ooze with emotion and slightly remind me of the exquisite compositions of Erik Satie. That said, you can also hear modern motifs played but either it’s a definite pleasure to listen to. Try for yourself below – play loud or quiet.

buy com/gb/album/klavirni/ id951046381?ls=1