The Best Of Reggae – Doctor Bird Records

As the breeze of summer finally blows away the cold residue of an overlong winter so this perfectly timed compilation of reggae gems appears. If like me this also provides an excellent opportunity to get reacquainted with a host of these tunes then all the better. Some of this is just pure, celebratory bliss such as The Pioneers, Let Your Yeah Be Yeah while Harry J All Stars, Liquidator remains elementary and fierce. There are some 55 tracks spread out over two CD’s to indulge yourself with from Desmond Decker, The Maytals (54 46 That’s My Number) alongside the original version of Love Of The Common People by Nicky Thomas and inevitably Rerun Of Django by The Upsetters all singing and dancing like there was no tomorrow. Then there’s Double Barrel by Dave & Ansel Collins striking chords via a positive sting in the groove.

The second disc begins with 007, next is Long Shot Kick The Bucket, followed swiftly by Monkey Man seeing in an inescapable trilogy of classics in this house. However, The Best Of Reggae is quite a big title to fill and not everything chimes as the range of flavours on offer is quite varied, so once again its personal taste and perhaps what spoke to you growing up. Or to put it another way Train To Skaville by the Ethiopians reigns supreme, while you can’t go far wrong with Montego Bay and of course The Melodians, Rivers Of Babylon either.

Release: June 11

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