Thomas Fehlmann РB̦ser Herbst РKOMPAKT

Produced as the soundtrack to a documentary by Volker Heise, ‘Herbst 1929, Schatten Ãœber Babylon’, offering historical insight to the third season of the television series Babylon Berlin, Thomas Fehlmann has created a wonderfully evocative selection of music diving headfirst into the resolution of grainy atmosphere, lost memory and the sequence of time. Pieces like Mit Ausblick drip with a brilliant intensity, others like Umarmt pulse with distant drums accompanied by a more joyous expectation. Either way this is a particularly stunning listen that will transport your consciousness far and wide. A further expanse of narration amid motion then continues with tracks like Vulkan existing in the glitch of imagination looping noises that combine the opposites of warmth and icy despair, while others such as Abgestellt feel Minimal and jerky. Again it all plays in illuminating fashion provoking a deeper, soul searching response that isn’t always comfortable, yet is always sincerely rewarding.

Release: April 9

Umarmt from Kinola Solari on Vimeo.

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