Tomorrow Comes The Harvest – Evolution – Axis Records

Are we almost in September already? The seasons pass so quickly you barely have time to catch your breath. Talking of which Evolution is one of those rare things in these days of the modern language of pre-programmed (un)certainties, for it lives and breathes and evolves in its own, unlimited, open spaces. This live performance captured in 2022 sees the combined experience of Jean-Phi Dary on keyboards, and tabla virtuoso Prabhu Edouard channel notes and vibrations together with the electronic genius of Jeff Mills. Continuing the themes proposed by the late drummer Tony Allen the concert fuses all of the excitement of live improvisation alongside the organic nature of the human soul, soaring to tantalising heights. The emotive interplay between the artists speaks for itself, while the feelings generated pay testament to the innate, intimate power of music to transcribe and inform, as well as to replenish in real-time. Collective sounds dance between Jazz, Classical and Experimental as an intricate conversation communicates directly to you, its words count for every meaningful second.

Release: September 8
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Axis Records · Tomorrow Comes The Harvest – EVOLUTION
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