Tripswitch – Memento Mori – Section Records

The way in which Petrichor lifts and then releases your emotions is something to behold as the opening number on this first foray into landscapes of ambience in ten years so readily demonstrates. Warmth is contrasted by a twisting sense of unease as expectations are challenged in numerous worthwhile ways. It’s also interesting to note that the sounds which capture the reflection of the 1990’s on Penumbra result in exactly the same emotional response then as now. Which in turn leads us to the compelling collaboration with Nick Warren, the excellently titled, defiantly edgy: Last Waltz In Weirdsville. The album is as much about joy as it about exploring more introspective, melancholy strains in these dark times and it’s that shining light that proves most rewarding such as on the joyous Souvenir, while the breathless Final Piece Of The Jigsaw is simply bliss personified. The album concludes with the lonely rush of Maranasati and the feeling that as you scratch the surface something wonderful will be revealed.

Release: April 22 

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