Wata Igarashi – Agartha – Kompakt

Sounding like all the circuits connecting future and past have been plugged in together Wata Igarashi’s amazing music startles and stuns. You can sense the pulse of influences coursing here and there as certain modulations shimmer across the spectrum but these are fleeting moments in this extraordinary journey through forward motion. Numbers like Floating Against Time are driven by a simple, reoccurring intensity that simulates beautiful, ecstatic movements. Or via the rush of deep, high impact intensity that fuels the opening Abyss. Also try the blissful contrasts of Darkness warping certainties, or the celluloid impressions conjured up by the closing Eternally. It all feels like something wonderful has just occurred.

Release: May 26 Buy https://kompakt.fm/releases/agartha_lp_dl https://linktr.ee/wataigarashi

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