We Are The Children Of The Sun compiled by Paul Hillery – BBE Music

This is a beautiful listen highlighting perfectly the intrinsic value within music to inspire and to console. Chosen by DJ Paul Hillery this collection drifts aimlessly through hints of Folk to psychedelic impulse while always remaining true to human touch. In a sense it doesn’t get better than the opening number Make Believe by Jim LaMarche, Theresa Moylan and Music Industry Arts but maybe that’s just my thoughts of sunshine inspired ideals. The proceeding songs then offer up a varied selection of breathy horizontal moments to charge the slumber of your own imagination with. Tempos occasionally rise such as on the jazz-funk inflected Phase Dance from Ron Drago and likewise Fear of Flying via Philip John Lewis. Aside from that much introspective melancholy is explored as evidenced by Alex Crispin on his Tim Buckley referencing Effert, so if that ticks boxes for you then you’re in luck with this hot compilation of easy drifting sounds. It feels like the majority sentiments of most titles exist somewhere along the timeline between the late sixties to perhaps the seventies but who knows exactly where and when…

Release: April 15
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AOR DISCO · We Are The Children Of The Sun – an AOR Disco Minimix by Paul Hillery
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