3TM – Abyss (A prelude to Lake) – We Jazz Records

It must be something in the air. Or ether. But have you noticed just how prevalent the ambient (for want of another word) genre of imagining landscapes of sounds, ideas and motion has become. It’s all over Dance Music, perhaps ironically, and the need to explore other aspects of what music can do is an exciting one, for all the right reasons. This beautifully crafted new album from drummer/producer Teppo Mäkynen acts a precursor to his band 3TM’s next album but in the meantime plays with notions of how atmospheres and moods shape the world we live in. At times the music meditates and reflects such as the illusion of running water which caresses the opening, Dream Of Crossings. While darker colours infuse the haunting, Slow Fall. Each of the ten numbers is exhilarating in itself and perhaps ambient isn’t even the most fitting description to apply here, as there is much more going on in terms of the scope and timbre of the sounds utilised. Maybe it is more about the blurred impression ambience itself leaves….

Release: August 9

Buy/ listen https://wejazzrecords.bandcamp.com/album/abyss-a-prelude-to-lake


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