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Magazine Sixty focuses on reviews of innovative and groundbreaking electronic music, both past and present. Founded in 2011 by DJ and producer, Greg Fenton, the magazine celebrates the culture of independent music.

Electronic music, be it House, Minimal Techno, Ambient, Leftfield or Neo Classical, is often born from ground breaking experimentation. The artists that create such music are largely independent and often defying the “rules” or boundaries set by traditional genres.

Music Reviews Past…

Electronic music has often been a reflection of significant moments in time. Those pioneers that explore uncharted places take their listeners into exciting new spaces, forming new communities and shaping perceptions of what is possible. When we revisit those places, we remember our past self.

Music at the cutting edge

Art and culture is a direct reflection of the human experience. Magazine Sixty seeks out those artists that channel their experience into innovative and emotive soundscapes.

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