Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch – Ravage – 130701 Records

It says something quite powerful upon listening to the opening seconds of Unsaid just how profound the experience has already become. That taste remains potent throughout the album reflecting the artist’s personal experiences almost like a past tense resonating into the future self. Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch’s fusion of quietly intense moment’s plays like a personal conversation you may shy away at first but taking the time to listen is about the emotions we all share at one location or another. The piano sits at the centre and is played beautifully teasing out the highs and subsequent lows of nature while hinting a hushed words, screaming to be heard. The contrast and it’s a loud one is the haunting Fata Morgana which plunges the listener into scary depths via blistering blasts of dark analogue soothed, partially, by the longing sensation produced by strung-out synthesisers. There is a brutality to all of this, sometimes hidden, testifying to the raw emotion offered. This theme reoccurs adding difference and subtlety to the tracklist as it evolves over the course repeated appreciation.

Release: May 27
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Afterlife – Mahalo EP – Subatomic

Mahalo sounds like the party has already started. Dancing with crazy pleasure, lost in a tomorrow of future Jazz incantations, sharp beats and smooth chords talking up soulful yesterday’s while notes melt together celebrating. The title track from this latest collection is, and I seem to be repeating the words again, one of his finest to date exploring uncharted combinations of fizzy electronics with a hot Latin percussive pulse, there seems to be something new at play here, like a spring in the step. Sundrops feels more like Afterlife at home reclining in the sunshine of our days with cool grooves driven by the joyous rhythms of excess alongside the rapture of fizzy keys. The standalone Liberty Cap follows plugged into somewhere else entirely with broken drums fixing a hole where your mind might wonder through an escape of cosmic keys and moody 1980’s cinematic synthesizers accompanied by the flickering haunt of nostalgia. To end, Morning Dub visits another favourite territory for the artist as the shuffle of Jamaica meanders off into the distance of sunny uplands grasping a positive charge of depth, soul and echo. Excellent.

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WTCHCRFT – Drugs Here – I Love Acid / Balkan Recordings

Drugs Here. Sometimes you need a little shake, rattle and roll. Yet it’s not about connecting fucking dots. It’s about…well, listen. Listen to furious, uncompromising energy fuse through machines that should really know better. Plain but perhaps not so simple. Next, No Time To Lose feels unfeasibly fast and loose punctuated by throbbing bass and vocals until the transcendent stabs cut mid-point. Excellent work. Uhmm, drops the tempo but not the intensity, if anything turns it up. Run It Bak Attak, then speeds up the dial again sequencing fiery keys plus a shuffle of sizzling drums to make your feet burn. Pulses accelerate. Perfect.

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Dominique Van Cappellen-Waldock – Fleur de Feu: A Fire Ceremony – Caliban Records

Seeking out the edges of existence isn’t an uncomplicated place to dwell but the subsequent rewards for the listener are temptingly ecstatic. Situated somewhere in between the unseen and unspoken Dominique Van Cappellen-Waldock’s exploration of lines drawn and dissipated is as revealing as it is hidden. It sounds like history reverberating around tales of folklore as drums beat, vocals soar and sounds collide in ever questioning ways. To put it simply, it’s thrilling. Like a strange, smouldering cinema of the mind each piece suggests a series of motifs primarily centred on the voice. The introduction of increasingly vibrant combinations of sound infused atmospheres, from organic guitar to sonically charged synthesized sound, then succeeds in never dancing too close to convention. For life affirmation, See The Sun. For spiritual confirmation, Hors du Temps.

Release: May 27
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Masomenos – Unidentified Aerial Phenomena – Automatic Writing

Music always appealed to me so intensely above almost everything else because it lives and breathes the language of existence, constantly evolving in unpredictable ways while transforming the cultural landscape surrounding it. Unidentified Aerial Phenomena plugs directly into those same principles engaging with the receiver in all sorts of illuminating ways, it is also sounds like a particularly wonderful title.

The formula seems to be that there isn’t one which in turn stimulates the true pulse of creative necessity. In that process you can also hear occasional echoes of the past musical influence drive through the stereo field, although this glimmer of nostalgia is continuously accompanied by a fierce desire for something new. Try the dark bass underscoring Hollow or the proceeding atmospheric reflections of Tournicoti as modular rhythms race through a generation of electrical impulse to conjure up all sorts of provocative possibility. UAP offers a notable soulful respite with vocals adding fuel to the fire, while Are You Sure? channels the fiery spirit of Detroit into its fibres feeling life affirming. Planet X ft. San Proper then completes the mission with a twist of nerves that unsettles convention via its succession of heavy-duty beats and bass hotwiring the experience to mind, body and elsewhere.

Release: May 27


Andrew Heath, Anne Chris Bakker & Mi Cosa de Resistance – Dispatches – giraffe tapes

I could listen this for days or so it seems. But sometimes nothing is quite as it appears. However, what becomes wonderfully apparent is getting lost for seconds at a time with notes uncoiling around the emotions they touch upon. It’s a breathtakingly simple proposition and yet a rigorously difficult achievement I should imagine. The collaborative process generating all of this happened between Andrew Heath, Mi Cosa de Resistance and Anne Chris Bakker who collectively land in-between textures of guitar, piano and field recordings framing a simply wonderful occurrence. Perhaps a bit like being in church but without someone telling what you should be thinking, just feeling heavenly vibrations course through the air alongside a resilient contrast of questioning darker depth. Photography of note by konophotography.

Release: May 23
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Jeff Mills – Mind Power Mind Control – Axis Records

Maybe it’s the title Mind Power Mind Control, maybe it’s the searing intent fuelling this incapacitating listen as dangerous electronics hardwire themselves into your consciousness. Maybe it is simply because this is outstanding Art or music, call it what you will. It’s so tempting to ignore the labels added by the mainstream mind-set to categorise music so I am going to do precisely that for the simple reason that music of this standing deserves more than that basic impulse to dissolve real meaning.

The album’s name refers to the set of circumstances we find ourselves in, voluntary or otherwise, and as you listen to the brooding intensity evolving throughout you can reach your own conclusions in that process. You could certainly suggest the psychological dark arts are at musical play. Take the ten plus minutes of Hatsumi which combines tantalising landscapes of provocative sound, heavy bass and dubbed out drums feeling like the band has perhaps taken something they shouldn’t have to elicit something that is quite so potent, so trail blazingly wonderful.

The sky outside may look like its closing in but there is always light to be found if you look in the right places. There is a connection to be found as this collection of disparate pieces joins the synapsis of what ifs and just maybe’s. This most certainly is sublime in the sense of wonder that changes night into day sowing a rich tapestry of thought together with the threads of human emotion we have remaining to call our own. A depth charge of excellence.

Release: May 20


Van Bonn & Luis Baltes – Temptation EP – Freund Der Familie

If the appeal of grainy, analogue holds sway then this is most definitely something you will want to experience. Temptation is all about the soul of machines and their consequent human interaction, which in this case positively smoulders offering deep drums offset by cosmically charged future echoes. The Mathimidori interpretation is likewise excellent adding a definite spring in the step of the rhythm section while its breezy use of vocals sprinkles extra magic across all the heavy-duty Jamaican inspiration.

Release: May 20
Buy https://freundderfamilie.bandcamp.com/album/temptation-ep


Jake Beautyman – Mareen Life EP – Analytic Records

The word rugged was built specifically for this production. After all who doesn’t love bass. Mareen Life is all about bubbling low-end theory, thumping kicks plus reverberating synth lines hinting at an incendiary melodic charge, complimented by an array sizzling sound effects. Good remix from Audio Analysts too who transform it via a heavy dose of Acid, while second track Afters Journey contrasts nicely feeling suitably deep, reflective of late nights and smouldering grooves galore. Terry Francis then supplies a hot and fiery remix working the filtered stabs alongside its crisp, rolling rhythm section into cool distraction.

Release: May 20
Buy / listen https://www.beatport.com/release/mareen-life-ep/3705589


Lucas Alexander – FM Dial – Four Thirty Two

Beats and Bass. This is pirate radio calling. Created by Lucas Alexander the original FM Dial echoes classic sounds of yesteryear, alongside a voice from the past proclaiming that you need to tune into this brutally compelling production. Then we come to Seb Zito’s devastating remix which reworks the elements while the introduction of grinding, killer stabs transforms it all provocatively into 2022. Collaborating with Joey Rich & Harrie Summers next for Move It another killer slice of House takes effect. Leaving the excellent Itchy Feet featuring Fernquest to hit upon the 90’s once again like tomorrow never happened. Back to business.

Release: May 20