S-Express x Daddy Squad – Music4TheMind

I love the temptation joining the dots between that unwritten, other story outside of American disco as it flows seamlessly from Hi-Nrg into Acid House hotwired to the celebratory European craziness marrying the two. Mark Moore’s latest escapade alongside Daddy Squad into that familiar territory sees twisted arpeggios assert the primacy of beautiful syncopation over what feels quite simply like the thrilling joy of energy captured, bottled and delivered all in one easy motion. Past words infect the rhythms, celebrating a wealth of music for the mind. Hard as nails, yet deviously camp if you know where to look.

Buy https://linktr.ee/markmoore_s_express


The Broken Cradle – The Burial of the Dead

Who said music was easy. Or it was about the industry of feeling good. Or wiping your mind clean of distraction. Or being childish to subvert being adult. Inspired by “The Waste Land” by T.S. Eliot art should precisely never be about any of those things. The act of listening to music can a reflective/ corrective process in itself and this is the point at which this album from The Broken Cradle hits home. Fragments of talking inspire, leaving music to haunt the ether during the time that soul is being sought in the hidden expanse of imaginary keyboards, drones and whirs. Memory And Desire (for one) is a truly wonderful piece of music that makes you smile as much as it suggests a contrasting reality. The Burial of the Dead is likewise another awe-inspiring album from The Broken Cradle generating an effervescent heat within repeating moments of happy/ sad that carefully capture the disruptive musical reflections of time and emotion. It is also definitely one which acts as an important document to accompany the human condition. Before, during and after…

Release: December 7
buy https://thebrokencradle.bandcamp.com


Fractal Architect – Larsen / Facets – Manual Deep

From the opening moments as Larsen gathers pace the prevailing sense of joyous expectation is plainly palpable. Its cross contamination of influences have created an intriguing mix of haunting, delicate guitars alongside shimmering arpeggios, moody bass and electro drums. Facets, proceeds to move across deeper territory with a graceful flair again combining different atmospheric charges into one rather moving experience, tripping the light fantastic in its wake. What also sets these numbers apart is the live interplay of organic instrumentation just like it was being performed as you listen to its passing minutes and seconds.

Release: December 9
Buy https://www.beatport.com/release/larsen-facets/3931669


Niteplan x BLND – Fixate – Roush Label

Feeling like in in rush to be heard this insistent set of rhythms and hotwired electronic configuration is both exhilarating plus hyper cool in execution. But then I guess it would be by appearing on Roush. The musical collaboration tempts fate into two equally fiery dancefloor arrangements, which also ignite the imagination via unexpected twists and turns moving beyond the simple reach of movement. Fixate repeats a series of motifs centred on punctuating vocal edits, while the more intense DURRRTY infects its grooves with dirty Acid as both numbers reinvigorate notions of drums and bass for the twenty second century.

Release: December 9
Buy https://www.beatport.com/release/fixate/3937245


Eddy Romero – What A S – Expmental Records

Modern music for the soul. Eddy Romero delivers on a promise with this selection of hotwired electronics provoking engagement with all the senses. Opening with What A S the air is filled with smouldering rhythms, probing percussion plus the welcome addition of low-slung bass as keys cruise the stereo field. Primarie then serves eleven minutes of dancefloor mayhem via the remix adding urgency and expectation with a series of more rapid tempos fully engaging the instrumentation. The excellent, probing introspective tones of Mi Locura follow delivering crisp drums alongside a haunting whir of the future in the form of drone like motifs. Completing the release is the aptly titled standout for me, Something New with its delicious array of percussive elements occurring over warm chords touching upon mind and body in irresistible ways.

Release : December 2 buy / listen https://www.beatport.com/release/what-a-s/3923264 https://my.eddy-romero.com/links


Lulu Gainsbourg vs Luciano – Lulu² – Cadenza Music

Beginning life as already atmospherically rich pieces located on Lulu Gainsbourg’s stunning album Replay, both numbers receive radical interpretations from Luciano who injects added energy while exciting the flow of electronic information into their rhythms and breath. Most obviously transforming the waves of delicate piano and voice inhabiting his excellent remix of L’enfance, suggesting something altogether more feverish as darker tones plus a fiery roll of drums brush against melancholy in sublime ways. Next, Opening reignites the original arpeggios adding robust percussion and bass to heighten expectations as the breakdown proceeds to elevate feelings further.

Release: December 2
Buy / listen https://kuronekomedia.lnk.to/Lulu2


Andrew Heath – Short Stories – Disco Gecko Recordings

I got a little lost in thought listening to the two numbers introducing Andrew Heath’s new album. They made me wonder about the line drawn between the aura of atmospheric, poignant sounds making you feel like being suspended in the motion of liquid and their counterparts which traditionally use chords and notes to form a framework of more readily identified, emotionally constructive musical moods to engage with. If any of that makes sense please read on.

Jumping from A to C, in this case landing on The Trees Seem Closer Today compounds the theory for me as soulful resonance gathers pace under the watchful eye of reverberating piano and landscapes of pulled heartstrings. A most beautifully telling piece of music in any book. Proceeding I found myself caught in-between both thoughts as compositions suggested different states of being, almost like two sides of a similar story. Perhaps it all depends on what it is you want music of this nature to do for you? Drifting on an endless sea of bliss hitting melancholy highs, or something akin to being stable to hold onto? Either way Short Stories never really seems less than a series of deeply involving passages talking up time spent along the pathway of existence, or thereabouts.

Release: December 2 buy https://andrewheath.bandcamp.com/album/short-stories


Jeff Mills – Extension – Axis Records

Listening to Rise allows you time to pause for thought. Like you are heading in a certain direction even if that location may not yet be obvious. Perhaps oblivious. What I like about the music that Jeff Mills currently creates is that it plugs into a future-past, feeling as if sounds congregate and evolve while feeding you with enough emotional intelligence to keep it grounded in the belief of the power of musical composition to genuinely mean something. The Storyteller then proceeds by adding beats to the equation as a misty eyed amalgamation of unfolding modular landscapes add mystery to the continuing conversation of questions and answers. Entanglement, completes the release via deeper inquiry combing Acid tones alongside whirring drones plus pulsating drum machines performed as if they were live in front of you, capturing intimate moments that tell you something of importance.

Release: November 25
Buy / listen https://www.phonicarecords.com/product/jeff-mills-extension-pre-order-axis/183862


WAAN – KinK / Open – Sonar Kollektiv

Sometimes caffeine plugs neatly into music like a life enhancement, especially in the cool of an autumn morning. Lifted from the duo’s forthcoming debut album Echo Echo it’s to Open that I turn my attention because it draws you into its world of picture forming, poignant elegance so smoothly. It is a gorgeous, sumptuous journey cruising Jazzy reflections of times past and present as horns blow, drums shuffle punctuating individual moments, while keys haunt the rhythms in exhilarating fashion. It’s also down to those opening chords – beauty in simpilicty. Kink, as the name suggests, feels more dangerous for night-time fetishists as notes reach a heavier, smokier intensity.

Release: November 25


Walrus – Snaretrade003 – Snaretrade

A sense of imminent danger is only to be encouraged as the need arises to shake you out of any unnecessary complacency when it comes to future-thinking music. Basic Moves label-boss Walrus opens Snaretrade003 via Echo Eva which demands your rapid attention generated by conflicting voices overlapping in a series of short, sharp shocks. The feverish, Your Heart Is Your Passport follows with nervy drums and rhythmic devices colluding alongside cool hits of organ and further vocal snippets, leaving the stage alongside the futuristic propulsion of Weekend and its combination of quiet Acid plus involuntary movements to satisfy that thirst.

Release: December 1
Buy https://snaretrade.bandcamp.com/album/snaretrade003