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I have been listening to Laurie Anderson’s Norton lecture series filled with fascination and meaning, questioning the nature of sound and how it communicates with the everyday experiences of interaction and travel and surroundings. And about the peeling back on musical convention to reveal answers inherent without the use of melody to convey substance. And about the precious nature of Art and its own organic reflection built upon atoms then molecules.

These latest series of compositions from R.Cleveland Aaron journey inwards seeking out those same themes and if you have been following this exploration through consecutive albums it feels like Clinical Trials has almost reached a final destination point, in that it has become a self-aware realisation of itself. More akin to Classical in the way that Steve Reich is (definitely not minimalist) with each piece of exalted music containing its own mystery, lifting and falling at will, moving and transporting the listener into a myriad of different directions via the albums amazing use of imagined sounds and scenarios. Lyrical in the extreme, although you may not at first realise it if you are not familiar with this line of thinking. Important, significant too. Despite its internal tearing, touching upon the occasional heartbreak of life, it none the less transmits eloquence and possibility in full measure. Remaining a beautiful, informed experience right to the very end. So much so that you don’t want to leave…

Release: June 9 buy https://f5point6.bandcamp.com/album/clinical-trials

See Blue Audio · ‘Clinical Trails’ (preview) – f5point6 (See Blue Audio SBA #043)
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