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reworkpic1Your latest single for Visionquest: Rise and Fall comes just ahead of your third album release and highlights the different aspects to your sound with the title playing full on for the dancefloor, while Ask You blends cosmic sounding funk together with vocals. Who has influenced your sound most?

All three of us our real music lovers and record collectors, we listen to all kinds of music. We were always lucky to release our music on our favourite labels, like Items & Things and Visionquest – their music and dj sets are a big inspiration for our work. Also the time we released on Playhouse was a big influence with all those great artists around us like Losoul, Isolee, Ricardo Villalobos.

Can you talk us through the process of producing one of the tracks from the new single (or from the album)?

The idea behind Rise And Fall was to produce an uplifting big room bomb. We still like these moments when the bass fades away and after a 16bar break it’s redemption time when the track kicks back in. The track was made in Ableton. Drums are 909, 808 and 707 samples. We never get tired of the classic Roland sounds. It’s like Fender or Gibson sounds for guitarists. It always fits. Then comes the main synth sound which is a Waldorf Pulse sample combined with a very short chopped voice sample. After the first break the organ bass completes the sounds. What we like to do after the song is roughly arranged is we assign some parameters to a controller and tweak the faders and knobs. In this case it was the filter and the decay time of the Waldorf, the volume of the voice and the effect sends. At the end we did some edits to the fader runs but not too much to keep the feel of a live performance.

The two phrases you have used to describe your sound: cabaret-independent-house and NEW WAVE DISCO sound exciting and hot. What ideas are most important to you as artists?

rw-picture-02The pseudo music style cabaret-independent-house was kind of a joke and ghost that has been following us for many years. We don’t even know what that expression means. New Wave Disco comes more close to our sound as we really love new wave and synth pop music. The idea is to be inspired by all kind of artists, musicians and filmmakers and try to express this in our own work. We also love it when people dance to our music.

How would you describe the importance of vocals in today’s Dance music? The two more melodic vocals on You Play: Perfect Gun and Dreaming is Fun sound different to the rest being heavily influenced by Euro-Disco/Pop. Can you tell us about how that style came to appeal to you?

From the early start of Rework in 2000 with our first release “Anyway I Know You” on Playhouse we decided to work with a girl singer. This became our trademark sound. I don’t know if vocals are that important its just another facet of dance music and we see vocals more like an additional instrument in our work. Perfect Gun and Dreaming is Fun refer to October Love Song or Wrong In All Our Ways on our previous albums.

How would you describe the difference between playing ‘live’ and Dj’ing?

We really love both. Sometimes we grab more attention when we play live and Sascha is standing in the front row doing her live singing and sometimes a stage dive. But on both we like to play with new rework tracks and loops and started to keep it more minimal. We destroyed many synths on our earlier tours so we decided to leave them at home and play with our controllers. On our Dj sets we love to play tracks from other artist and when they are real cool in the club, we both look at each other like little kids and ask how did they do this track, its so crazy good. Guess we always like the music from other artists more than our own.

Where can people get to hear you play over the summer?

We play a showcase with the Visionquest guys at Sonar in June. Some other gigs are just in the planning.

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