Luca Donzelli & Mar-T – Panzadelic – Roush

The Amnesia resident and Wow! Recordings boss Mar-T joins forces with Luca Donzelli to deliver this hard-hitting slice of music that doesn’t hold back on Funk or, for that matter, killer good times. Working the filter to breaking point the tension is realised and delivered across a series of tantalising moments, with the repeating blur of energetic horns plus rolling drums and bass all getting white hot in a riot of colour on title track Panzadelic. Next, the uncompromising Funkadisturb again produces a feast of happy feelings as tough rhythms seize the stereo and shake it up some via irresistible Latin inspired percussion and suggestive voices – with each play this just gets more addictive. Onno remixes with pounding intention as this rather sassy version hits target care of smoky drums and a fierce injection of vigorous grooves.

Release: September 14


rsh008-side-aDJ W!ld
Gangster Paradise

Ok. So what’s not to love. The DJ returns kicking out those tough and ready beats and basslines all over again. Mercifully the title track, Gangster Paradise has nothing to do with Coolio but is in fact more irresistibly hot House grooves that sooner or later just deliver that big, rousing moment. In this case that’s down to the uplifting piano and heartfelt strings of the second breakdown. Ma Tendre Ennemie, hits you next with looped Acid attitude, while the more thoughtful Only Lovers Left Alive proceeds with funkier percussion along with organ driven bass. The contrasting and deeper Please Please Please ends the release with a more playful combination of ideas that flit between a couple of styles to again leaving you fully satisfied.

Release: November 1