The Martinez Brothers & Louie Vega ft. Héctor Lavoe – Shut The Door – Cuttin’ Headz

There is something brilliantly exciting about this joint production which ignites the party morning, noon or night. Fast and deliciously intense, percussive heavy grooves hit you time and time again as Puerto Rico’s Héctor Lavoe agitates the rush with his defiantly fiery vocals. Coming in four versions, which include an Instrumental and irrepressible Beats Mix, the TMBLV anagram fits the bill perfectly as each provoke a heady stream of exhilarating emotion.

Release: February 16


The Martinez Brothers – Remixed Part. 2 – Cuttin’ Headz

Love them or merely adore them The Martinez Brothers have always produced music imbued by serious party-time passion and these four newly minted remixes tease out all of those qualities in abundance. First up is the Guti & Enzo Siragusa take on H 2 Da Izzo which pushes fast and furious as rolling basslines are punctuated by hi-energy snare hits and accompanying vocal edits. Next is Johnny Aux’s deliciously intense reworking of Stuff In The Trunk which lives dangerously close to the edge as sleazy drum machines are excited by Miss Kittin’s punk rock vocals and a whole heap of attitude. Matt Tolfrey then takes a step in a deeper direction exploring percussive potential alongside a realising of trippy voices, leaving Kenny Glasgow to end via his version of Stuff In The Trunk, again featuring Miss Kittin which this time employs electro bass over all sorts of heavy duty feelings across several minutes of expectation. Result.

Release: January 12. 2018.



Zakes Bantwini
‘Wasting My Time’ (Dan Ghenacia Remix: The Martinez Brothers Edit)
Real Tone Records

This Martinez Brothers Edit of Wasting My Time is so heavy it makes you want to swear. But it’s not all devastating bass and sharp beats as cool muted horns and an insistent keyboard riff compliment the madness perfectly, with carefully chosen words only adding extra spice. Respect due to Zakes Bantwini, Franck Roger and also Dan Ghenacia for helping this to happen in the first place. But if words are not enough, click below for a taste of the original remix! 9

release: nov 2011



Tony Lionni
‘The Bijou EP’
Madhouse Records

If you add the words gorgeous, deep and House Music together will end up here at this bijou. Steps Ahead captures all those early nineties feelings with classic beats and sizzling hi-hats accompanied by staccato organ bass notes – which are nearly always irresistible – and undulating chords and fizzy electronics. The title track follows with expansive pads and arpeggio notes playing like its 1988 all over again on a dancefloor, and why not. Hypnotize, hits a deeper groove with intensity building layers of atmosphere proving irresistible, with final track Rumours elevating the mood once again with joyous keys and funky percussion on what sounds like the EP’s most effective production. 9



Valeria Croft
‘Just Prove Again EP.’
Tea Boy Music

Two tracks go to make up this EP from Valeria Croft who hails from the Russian Federation. You may like the amalgamation of ideas which are seemingly thrown together casually and yet feel thoughtful and emotive the more you listen. Just Prove Again combines a sprinkling of cabaret piano alongside snare brushes with richly atmospheric tech stabs for starters. While the more intense Walls On Water has an infectious acid bassline working up a fever with 909 hats and nervous sounds edging themselves under your skin. It has to be said you may enjoy the danger. 8

release: 9 nov 2011