Switch EPgru069-2000x2000

The first listen said: really good to me. But by the second it was, this is seriously excellent. One of those standout pieces of music that fools you with simplicity yet unfolds layers of exciting, probing sounds which cumulate into something altogether uplifting and gorgeous. The original version of Switch has anthem stamped all over it as undulating synth stabs work their way into fever pitch, accompanied by sizzling percussion plus a suitably heavy-duty kick drum. The Hobo remix feels brighter in comparison with sprinkles of keys and more invigorating synth hits all working their magic.  Moaning, then proceeds to get warped care off unforgiving keyboards and big, splashing drums. Leaving the funkier touch of My Instinkt to end with punchy organ and sassy, swinging snares.

Release: November 25


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