Jimmy Hall
Shaw Nuff

Jimmy Hall’s new release, which acts as the first from this brand new Manchester imprint, is an intriguing one. Boasting two fresh tracks of undeniably compelling yet other-worldly funkiness, which with each consecutive listen these inventive productions reveal themselves to be reaching above something special. Shaw Nuff, spans eight minutes of playful, dare I say, busy rhythmic workouts that reward your attention span via a muscular lesson in beats, bass and intensity. iawgom’s Nightride Remix again works up the sense of occasion with a frenzied feeling of urgency propelling the punchy, chiming percussion forward alongside the low-end theory totalling ten plus minutes. Second original, Allt Camhna gets deeper with more rounded bass probing at the edges while strange voice like samples, heavily filtered drums and accompanying sound fx fill out the spaces in-between to complete this fine release of sound and vision.

Release: January 20 (Beatport exclusive January 6)


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