Fabio Montana
Ortygia EP

Apologies with being slightly behind with this review. But then microCastle release music that defies time and space. Fabio Montana’s tough opening production Ortygia combines all sorts of attributes touching upon dark, brooding edges yet retaining a life-assuring warmth courtesy of the crashing waves of FX and delicate piano lines. The remix comes from Love Over Entropy who combine seventies styled drum machines with twisted keys turning it all into something altogether more haunting in the process. The equally tasty Akragas sees the second original composition chase rumbling bass across punchy drum hits and layers of evocative keyboard. This time round the remix comes from My Favorite Robot who add a definite crunch to the drums along with a simmering tension to the electronics which as always are guaranteed to cause a big sensation.

Buy https://www.beatport.com/release/ortygia-ep/1908109


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