4 To The Floor presents Nu Groove – 4 To The Floor

An eternity of words has already been written about Nu Groove, and of course the Burrell Brothers specifically, that it almost feels like old ground re-treading the path. Although as music is timeless, or at least great music is, then revisiting these compositions is always going to be a tantalising pleasure. Started in 1988 by Frank and Karen Mendez the imprint and its accompanying logo have been sited and praised as influencing much that has been produced since and you can hear those musical strains coursing throughout recent history. Now remastered for 2018 and beyond this compilation chosen by Luke Solomon sees a variety of tracks excite technological potential at the same as delving deep into the heart of the matter. Beginning with Burrell’s X² Mix of Equation – The Answer you get a taste for the electronic, while Bäs Noir – My Love Is Magic represents what became the ‘Garage’ sound of the era. No selection of Nu Groove would be complete without N.Y. House’n Authority and here the sleazy, Detroit flavoured Fort Green House is the excellent choice. As is the inclusion of The Sound Vandals – On Your Way. Indeed it is easy to work your way throughout feeling in exactly the same way. Capturing the essence of House Music and its accompanying variations between 1988 and 1991 may seem like such a short amount of time to do so, but as the music is so rich and rewarding this says in abundance the value of Nu Groove’s contribution to history. And in ways you could say the label transcended all of that and was a form, and genre, all of its own: Nu Groove. Listen to the exquisite Aphrodisiac – Song Of The Siren, perhaps you might agree?

Release: February 23


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