A Brief History of Acid House – Suddi Raval (Aftertouch Publications)

Neat. Concise. And thoroughly charming this breezy, compact look at the history of Acid House reads like an excitable journey through time, then to now. It’s been written from a personal perspective by Suddi Raval as someone who knows about these things from lived experience, hence the Manchester (North of England) slant at times – which makes for a fresh change. And is adorned by cartoon like illustration lending the story an almost innocent, certainly playful aspect while creating the ability to reach out beyond generations – forward thinking! However, as darker moments crossed paths with all that unrestricted, youthful energy and positivity government intervention was never to be far away and that side is also recounted. There is also an additional playlist to help shape the adventure and as with the Art most associated with the music this brief guide is guaranteed to enhance a smile. Either from memory, or indeed via a newly discovered passion.


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