A Man Called Adam – Farmarama – Other Records

Sleeve images by Prisca Lobjoy

I guess the thing that defines A Man Called Adam, whether that’s reliving your Balearic past or trying to make sense of the present tense, is that good music defies any timeline. And while it may be easy to tease out reference points from here and there it’s the plain fact that you could only be listening to this particular duo that really counts. I love the breathless touches of Disco, Jazz and beyond that ignites the joyous combination of songs, chords and moods which accumulate on Farmarama. The beautifully breezy, Ou Pas ( Vinaigrette) makes the point perfectly as French cinematic atmospheres get expanded via Bootsy styled bass and delicious, sultry vocals. Then on, Top Of The Lake beats are dropped in favour of a haunting, rolling ambience that stands alone. You will also have heard the chord progression which adorns Michael a thousand times but that still doesn’t stop their sheer funkiness strutting its stuff all over the stereo, while Jazzy horn licks taste just like they should. In ways, however, it’s the tempting craziness and weird soundscapes sculpting Spots of Time / Ladies Of Electronica/ Sally’s Ladies Rerub that I can’t get quite enough of. Avoiding the word Disco, for a moment, the music combines in surprising ways referencing not only the wonderful Daphne Oram, but irresistible drum-breaks alongside luscious, deep bass – in other words, heaven in ten plus minutes.

Release: March 4



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