Acid Pauli – MOD – Ouïe

Immediately creating the strange sensation that past and present are inexplicably one and the same this collection of quivering, boisterous notes transform themselves into a wealth of science. The evolution and celebration of synthesizers is what is at play here as the artist redefines his obvious love and admiration for the sounds created. However, this is far from an exercise in dry emotion as excitable motifs are found on the opening, Propagating Flip Flops. Jazzy basslines and oddities on Intellijel Bell. The squelch of leftfield rhythms on Acid On Yusef. And so the journey continues apace. Perhaps it is the shimmering eloquence of Sublime Frequencies Of Cairo swirling like the height of ecstasy as waves of emotion are endlessly intertwined becoming realised as beautiful, classical melody. Or maybe the watery intensity finalised by the fiery sequences of No Kick, No Cry. Either or in all ways this is a stunning listen.


Release: September 18

Ouïe · Acid Pauli – MOD
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