Ad Bourke & ROTLA – RAW – Far Out Recordings

Since when was music not meant to be challenging? It is also most important to note new life being breathed into sounds like these, refreshing them for the next generation. Ron Trent turns Ad Bourke & ROTLA’s brilliantly, fiery production upside down infusing it with all manner of excitable punctuation, exalting the very finest Jazz-Funk and Latin rhythms around. Breathe in the sheer bliss of it all when the beauty hits full-on at around five minutes as the full weight of instrumental intensity strikes. The dreamier intonations of the Original version are no less punchy though serve a slightly different emphasis, and looking forward to hear just how it will all play out over their forthcoming album. In many ways this is all about how the Drums challenge the Music for prominence. But either way the results are a total pleasure.

Release: January 26

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