Alan Russell presents Project 268 – Tracks From The Tropics – IRMA

Listening to Alan Russell’s debut album sounds much like a carnival of thoughts and experience, a lived-in celebration of sound all rolled into one. Presenting Project 268 under which he released previous solo projects this collection of the essence of past, present and future blends classic drum machine and synth sounds together with a positive flair of imagination revealing a deeper complexity and understanding of time and place. From the laid back, summer grooves of Everybody’s Fly to the more vigorous syncopation of Listen You F**kers you get the sense of a wealth of knowledge flowing through the music referencing moments from the eighties to today while making a powerful statement with it all. Guitars drive the heavy manners of March Of The Saints next, as the quiet elegance of That Soulful Groove is self-defining. And it’s that variation which lends the album such exciting temptation as styles clash unfolding across the playlist. Have to say musically one of the highlights are the keys adorning The Dream which feel tastefully retrospective, yet eternally soulful much like the brilliantly titled Too Late For The Future which is contrasted by defiant, fizzy synthesizers. The spikey War Dance completes punctuated by fiery bass plus the consistently impressive use of percussion across all of Tracks From The Tropics, alongside the echo of voices from times past.

Release: February 18

IRMA records · Tracks From The Tropics (album sampler)
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