Alessio Collina – Night Walk – Unclear Records

Trying to describe this combination of bass plus delicious low-end theory is almost impossible. It plays like a  of warped travesty of Disco that undulates, squelches slightly, then hits you hard entirely and squarely funking you up in the process. However, Night Walk takes it all in its stride with fiery sequences that journey through the dark atmosphere’s eventually celebrating the warmer, more soulful sounds emanating from the gorgeous, life-affirming chords. The Easy To Remember Remix then transforms it all into the 80’s, with a twist of course, with the decades drum machines and reverberating bassline all leaving an indelible impression. Planets, then reaffirms those deeper notions once again with further pads and hissing h-hats catching their own pace amid uncertain times.

Release: February 20

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