Alex Barck (Jazzanova) interview

Alex-Barck-REUNION1-Artwork-525x525You are releasing a series of four 12” Vinyl singles before the release of your album ‘Reunion’ later in the year. The first is ‘Re-Set’ can you tell us about the process of writing the song and music, and how the tracks guest vocalist Pete Josef came to your attention?

I live with my family  for a year on La Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean. It’s a total new experience for me who always lived in Berlin. My idea was to make the best out of it and capture this moment in my life. So I decided to produced music which is inspired by the island and it’s people. I’ve noticed that the songwriting is also much easier down there. I have a lot of ideas and no one disturbs my work.
I know Pete from his White Lamp project. My label Sonar Kollektiv was releasing the 12″. When I heard the ” Make it good” song I knew immediately he is the one to work with. I sent him the layout and the song came back like this. I told him the story of being on the island and having some time off and he made the lyrics out of this. Perfect.

Re-Set is remixed by Hannes Fischer. How did you become aware of him and what are your feelings about his reworking?

I follow Hannes for a while now on Soundcloud. For me he is the next generation of producers promoting themselves with all the new possibilities as Soundcloud and YouTube. Without many releases he made his name just with networking and video releases. I wanted to learn of him and besides that I really like his music. So again a perfect combination. I also signed 2 new tracks of him for my sub label Based on Misunderstandings. His first proper release coming in April.

Can you tell us about the album’s title: Reunion and what it signifies to you?

The Island I’m living on. I like the word in general. And I’m a child of the Reunion of Germany. I was from the eastern side. So the reunion of Germany was the beginning of my active live with music.

How would you describe the album itself, is the use of vocal and instrumentation similar to the first single?

I’m a vocal lover. Of course it is difficult sometimes with new ideas. But so far I’m really happy with all the results. Pete was a very good start. I worked on another song with him for the album. I recorded 3 songs with Jonatan BÅ ckelie aka Ernesto. He is my favorite singer for a while know and he came up with very fresh vocal contributions. He liked the especially the instrumentals with a little Dubstep feel. This was the direction I wanted to go cause this movement is inspiring me a lot.

alexAre there any special musical influences that have helped inspire you in the creating of Reunion?

The music on La Reunion is definitely a big inspiration for me. Maloya is very complex rhythm wise and you can almost integrate everything into it. For the album I worked with Christine Salem together, one of the more known acts from the island. I met her when she was coming to one of my nights at Potiron’s in Saint Denis. I play there every Wednesday.
And like on every island in this region or the southern hemisphere it’s all about the bass. And this is just down my road.

Do you have any predictions for 2013?

I think 2013 will be a continuation of the hybrids of everything. Cause the kids combine everything and have fun with new technologies. If it’s not working they go back to House music the common sense of all. To create something really new becomes more and more difficult. I’m happy that from the Acid Jazz times we always looked for the good tune in every possible format. And nothing changed since then. Only that it’s more often a House tune now.

Re-Set is released January 28 (12″ vinyl only)

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