Alexander Church & Vincenzo – Blackheart Part 1 – Configurations Of Self

Heartstrings are there to be played, otherwise what’s the point of our lifetime’s succession of heartache and yearning. Beginning this series of collaborative releases is this rather wonderful song capturing emotion and sentiment to a T. Rebekah K’s delicate vocal weaves around the contrasting smouldering low-end theory like a dream, or a self-defining explanation of possibility. So here we arrive again at the point where I have to say that both music and song are as vital as they ever where, no need for lazy nostalgia. Nolan’s excellent version adds a series of dancing snares to punctuate the passion in each word alongside accompanying piano and beautifully rousing strings, but then thankfully I guessed he might. Additional numbers complete the picture as a chiming Starfall and moodier Spooked compliment by talking up a heightened, atmospheric presence of musical satisfaction that readily trips off the tongue.

Release: May 22

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