Alexander Wirth – Perception EP – Ovum Recordings

Alexander Wirth grabs at musical freedom with both hands across the five numbers populating this latest EP. Opening with the excitable pulse of 90’s era stabs Everyday Sunday gathers rapid pace in an explosion of fiery drums and rolling basslines. A funky imagination then informs the deeper, more resolute Forever Deep by twisting voices around an evolving rush of pads plus self-defining kicks. The warm ambience of Carmens Rainbow follows with emotions blazing in full swing, with the stripped down expectation of Isolated Nation (Lofi Dub) grasping at the world surrounding its introspective notation. Finalising is the equally powerful Philadelphia Stream which captures all of the previous elements transforming them into an edgy rhythm that feels richly emotional/ proactive while ending on a pulse of synthetic drums seeking out independence.

Release: January 22


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