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Myrskymielellä adapted from an 1891 poem by the Finnish national poet, Eino Leino transverses an uneven surface of thought and evocation. Its grainy undercurrent is an amalgamation of initially whispering voices, taught humming keys and intensely rapturous instrumentation dangling like their future might just expire sometime soon. Although at a shade over twenty eight minutes this is both a lengthy and likewise immersive trip through an unsettling terrain, imagined landscapes, sights and sounds resolving in a climax that may not first seem apparent in any way.

Next, inspired by the thoughts etched out from an Edgar Allan Poe’s poem, “Is all that we see or seem but a dream within a dream?” seems like a remote yet strangely familiar expression delivered by a master of suspense and one which you can hear echoed throughout rousing synthesizers conveyed with deep promise, accompanied by vocal motifs and strung-out violins as they suggestively play out over what almost feels like cascading waves rushing, then collapsing into each other yearning, searching for answers as they again cumulate in brutal intensity.

This project was brought to you via the minds and creative realisation of Gruth, Ellen Southern and Johanna Puuperä.

Release: October 21

miasmah · All That We See or Seem – Myrskymielellä (teaser)
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