Ambient Jazz Ensemble – London Fields – Here & Now Recordings

The clue really isn’t within the title Ambient Jazz Ensemble that would be a much too simple way to describe the sounds they make. Based around the creative flair inspiring Colin Baldry there is an intensely easy rhythm to their music which is actually packed full of notes and emotions. You can also hear the wealth of differing influences soaked up in recent single Locked featuring the haunting voice of Lynsey Ward, likewise there are a handful of excellent players contributing to the overall shape of the album which explores the feel of drums, keys and horns as much as it digs into atmospheric corners of city life. Try the piano and accompanying musical discourse contained in Ensoul below to sample the diversity.

Jazz will never leave the stage so it’s always great to hear something in the field as refreshing as this. It is also a wonderful way to accompany the ups and downs of your day to day.

Release: July 8

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