Âme – Dream House – Innervisions

Marking their first album together since fifteen years of making music Frank Wiedemann and Kristian Beyer have produced this eloquent, rather beautiful soundscape as the aptly named Dream House. From the moment The Line featuring Matthew Herbert begins you get the feeling you’re about to engage with something secretly special. And it’s not just that the music encompasses such a broad history of European electronic Dance Music (as guest appearances all leave their mark) but also because there is a sense of time spent honing, creating this rich abundance of musical escapades. As the past  informs ideas it is of course down to the artists themselves to in turn do something imaginative with that. So nostalgia is abandoned. Having said that the playful musicality and fizzy, analogue sounding sounds all piece together memory and location mapping out goals and intention. From the sleazier downtown hi-energy syncopation of the tempting Queen of Toys to the crisp drum machine pulses of Positivland, via the the chiming messages of No War, the tracks set the pace in the direction of classic. It’s easy in this day and age to make music but it is much harder to create it and to do so with such forceful resonance.

Release: June 1


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