Andrew Heath – New Eden – Disco Gecko Recordings

Before the week ends I wanted to point you in the direction of New Eden which was released at the end of last. Given the title we know precisely where the journey begins (give or take a few genes, molecules and organic process) but where does it end. I sometimes wonder whether the ambient – if that’s even the appropriate word – landscapes, which an increasing number of artists evolve around A-Z, are in fact never-ending looping throughout an eternity of existence like an omnipresent Eno. It can be hard to pull apart and separate your emotional reaction from one set piece to another given your response can be similar to each passing undulation of synthesized sound. But of course you could say exactly the same of the Blues or The Ramones both of which I almost equally love. I guess in the end it’s the depth of how you react to the music that denotes its validity and importance in comparison to every other mood-enhancing, melancholic chord on offer suggestively evoking happy/ sad. However, Andrew Heath’s journey feels more deeply personal than that and you do feel at times like you are stepping into someones dream as uncomplicated yet poignant notes float unhindered across the stereo in search of meaning. Not always a smiling experience but certainly an involving, rewarding one. And like all valuable music should do it reaches out to touch the soul.


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