Andrew Heath – Short Stories – Disco Gecko Recordings

I got a little lost in thought listening to the two numbers introducing Andrew Heath’s new album. They made me wonder about the line drawn between the aura of atmospheric, poignant sounds making you feel like being suspended in the motion of liquid and their counterparts which traditionally use chords and notes to form a framework of more readily identified, emotionally constructive musical moods to engage with. If any of that makes sense please read on.

Jumping from A to C, in this case landing on The Trees Seem Closer Today compounds the theory for me as soulful resonance gathers pace under the watchful eye of reverberating piano and landscapes of pulled heartstrings. A most beautifully telling piece of music in any book. Proceeding I found myself caught in-between both thoughts as compositions suggested different states of being, almost like two sides of a similar story. Perhaps it all depends on what it is you want music of this nature to do for you? Drifting on an endless sea of bliss hitting melancholy highs, or something akin to being stable to hold onto? Either way Short Stories never really seems less than a series of deeply involving passages talking up time spent along the pathway of existence, or thereabouts.

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