Anthony Georges Patrice – X5NRG – Ausblick

I can hear the echo of Steve Reich coursing throughout the veins of the repeating vocal loop contained within X5NRG. Although, It’s Gonna Rain, created in 1965, is radically different to this proposition which is much more about the juxtaposition between the rhythm of drums, alongside the blur of grainy textures, all of which make this production so alluring. I’m sure the words say, excess energy, before becoming lost in the haze of compelling, intoxicating repetition.

Complimented by LoSoul’s deeper exploration leaving the voice less exposed, almost hidden under the groove, while revealing the more subtle, resonate aspects on offer offset by heavy bass. X5NRG is about the future of ideas perhaps more so than the past. Either way it feels like feelings on fire.

Release: October 6

DBH-Music · ABLK004 – Anthony Georges Patrice – X5NRG – Incl. Losoul Remix (Ausblick)
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