Architectural – Clothed In Light – R&S Records

You may have noticed that I don’t care about genres and neat filing categories, or what you should like and what year it’s ok to like it in. Music should always shake you out of compliancy, whether that’s emotional, or political, or poetic. Give it a go, who knows you might actually like it. And if you don’t, nothing lost.

Not only does this boast a great and suggestive title but it also demands your full attention like a full stop. Perhaps that’s because life may not quite seem the same afterwards. Despite the spiritual indication the words, Clothed In Light display a brutal, risky intention underpinned by kickass drums plus evolving layers of tension building up to the explosion which is only moments away. At a crisp, just shy of six minutes this packs punches galore while indicating a narration of meaning. Genuine Request, does similar things, although as the twisted melodies hit it feels almost light-hearted in contrast. Drums continue to dominate igniting the airwaves as the more sensual, Ocean Of Cosmic Awareness completes the release via richer atmospheres colluding alongside searing, electronic intelligence and a grasp at joy.

Release: October 13

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