Art Department – The Breeding Ground EP – Kaoz Theory

I’ve been looking forward to reviewing this almost purely because the bass is so deliciously heavy on the brutal textures of Industry. But also and more simply because its addictive, party-fuelled rhythms are so temptingly after dark, smouldering yet engaging with a fevered urgency. The No.19 head Jonny White follows that with Exit to Eden and an equally bouncing set of grooves which side-step the pulsating bass this time with punchy percussion and soulful, suggestive voices. Next, Boa returns to demanding intensity which again sequences pounding beats and bass together like they were heaven sent – and quite probably are. The looser Madbar then ends on a deeper note with stabbing organ hits offsetting insistent kicks and hissing hi-hats. A very excellent release.

Release: December 10

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