Atjazz – Track 9 (Mix 1) – Atjazz Record Company

Before I go releasing lots of hot words it is music just like this that I’ve been talking about at Magazine Sixty. Richly resonate, atmospherically tempting, reaching into your soul pulling out emotions to display across your face. Thoughtful, perhaps even politically suggestive. And yes you can deride all that from a piece of good music – if you can’t then perhaps there may be a problem. Track 9, tears at history sounding like it has eaten up past knowledge yet has made its very own imprint on 2018. After all, why would you want to make a record that sounds exactly like it was made 25 years ago – it would be like listening to the same piece of vinyl on repeat for over two decades. Stretching out to nine minutes of informed ecstasy you know you’re in good company when the bassline hits causing that certain feeling. That plus the accompanying sequence of fervent, punctuating keys and drums saying is all.

Release: January 29

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