Autonomi – Games EP – Stripped Down Records

Özgür Can adopts this persona to deliver sounds which both ignite and inform the senses. The opening bars of the title track, Games seem deceptively smoky at first but as things progress a heady swirl of brash bass plus punctuating stabs soon excite the words funk and temptation. The brutal intensity served is compelling just as the feeling of heightened emotion is. The remix comes from Kadosh who adds a brighter refrain via melodic hints of synthesizer. Next, is the even more impressive Botanikals which simply sizzles with musical and atmospheric sensation. Uncomplicated like all good pieces of music the arrangement is fuelled by treated drums alongside the gentle pulse of chiming keys. Likewise a more robust version is provided this time by Claudio Ricci’s deeply rich tones adding spice to the potent equation.

Release: July 17


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