Ayala – Ecoute/ Primal – Loot Recordings

As one year closes and another opens Loot again explore the path to rhythmic nirvana, this time via a set of fiery productions from Ayala. It’s all about the drums on Ecoute as they work it up to fever pitch, extracting every nuance of energetic percussion in the process. Only coloured by occasional voices plus splashes of organic sounds but by the time the rugged bassline injects itself you’re already lost in it all. Quatri strips matters down for deeper introspection as the whir of looped keys and emotive chords add a different perspective on this first-rate remix. Primal, then returns to source with chiming arpeggios lending a sense of melody to the punctuating arrangement of breathless ideas. Leaving Rancido’s excellent remix to finish by incorporating a soulful intensity alongside a sprinkling of cutting electronics which pepper the arrangement with spine-tingling possibilities.

Release: January 24


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