B.T. Express – Give Up The Funk: The B.T. Express Anthology 1974-1982 – bbr

It doesn’t come much funkier, or for that matter better, then their 1974 debut single, Do It (‘Til You’re Satisfied). If the smoky vocals and Rap don’t infect your groovy intent then the sure-fire instrumentation sparked by the guitar, organ, horns and drums must surely will. But then of course it was produced by none other than Tom Moulton. And talking of smokin’ so was Peace Pipe too. However, this excellent compilation comprises of a varied selection curated from the group’s seven studio albums and highlights the bands rugged dancefloor determination such as the self-titled Express but also shares their more soulful side via the playful melodies of proto-Disco gem: That’s What I Want For You baby (from 1974’s debut album). It’s all spread over two glorious discs of sound and take it from me that this will put a determined spring in your step any time of year, day or night.


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