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Hello and welcome to Magazine Sixty, Charlie. Can we start by asking what singing and playing guitar means for you personally?

Hi, Thanks for having me. Singing and playing guitar is everything to me, from an early age my outlet has always been music.

Your excellent new single: Ready To Die is due out on Claremont 56 with mixes by Paul Murphy. How did the relationship with the label happen? And what do you feel that the mixes have added to the song?

I sent the demo to a friend and she passed it on to Paul Murphy at Claremont 56, Paul loved the track and asked for the parts so he could remix it, I loved the results and Paul decided to release it.

Can you describe the process of writing the song and how it was actually recorded?

I wrote it pretty quick, sometimes songs can take an age to finish but this song was instant, an honest document of my loved up state at the time! hahaha
I recorded it in a few hours at my studio in Wallasey, I just put a simple beat in then tracked an acoustic guitar and then i played a bass track live, it was a really simple demo to make.

Do you find it better to create a melody and then add music, or the other way round?

I always start with music, just a few chords, create a vibe and then bounce off that for the melody, lyrically i will follow the mood of the music and what i am exposed to at the time.

Tell us about your background and where/ how you learnt to play guitar?

My grandad and my dad and my older brother are musicians so there was always someone who could show me bits and bobs, after that i just went on Youtube to learn riffs and stuff.

What is your favourite guitar? Do you own one?

There is a Martin D-28 ‘John Martyn’ limited edition that I would love, no i don’t own one unfortunately.

Influences. Who are the most important ones both within music and outside of it?

`In terms of music there are many but to name a few, David Byrne, Matt Johnston, John Martyn, Chris Martin, Nina Simone, Patti Smith… Outside of music my family is a huge source of inspiration.

How have you found the process of getting your voice heard in the digital world? Is it more important for you to play ‘live’ to people, or to get your music heard on-line?

Playing live is amazing and can never be replaced by anything and the digital arena is a real bonus providing an extra platform to present your music, I have found it really easy to find an ear so im going to keep on making noise until enough people tell me to shut up!

And finally. What plans to have for the immediate future?

I’ve been working in a cafe on Bold Street in Liverpool for the last six months to save some cash to travel about a bit, take my guitar and write the album…


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